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Welcome to Tumblr Tuesday! Please enjoy these fresh Tumblr blogs!
Hi, I’m LizLiz Climo likes robots, drawing on napkins, falling asleep at parties, making up songs for her dogs, and Cheez-Its. Also: She’s an animator currently working on The Simpsons. (Above: Narwhals and mistletoe.)
Our Global KitchenA mix of food, science, and history. This blog is a companion to the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibition Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture.
The Chronological SupermanChronicling every appearance of Superman — from comic to newspaper, cartoon to film, and more — in the order it happened.
Micropolis:NYCWNYC reporter Arun Venugopal’s look at New York City street life, night life, sex, class, ethnicity — and cats!
Farm WeatherSmall goat dairy in southern Vermont shares daily ruminations about their animals, products, and lives.
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